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Building a countrywide knowledge Community through quality education, relevance, critical thinking, creativity, research and social responsibility


AIHE aspires to translate the multidimensional collective dream of the community of the region into reality and to become an Institute that is globally recognized and respected as a thought leader in management sciences.


The main objective of AIHE is to provide high quality, comprehensive educational, training and research opportunities that produce highly qualified graduates and responsible citizens who are able to meet the needs of all sectors of human activity. AIHE offers to its students relevant qualifications, including professional training, which combine high-level knowledge and skills, using courses and content continually tailored to the present and future needs of society.

To improve the decision making skills and administrative competence of practicing managers through innovative and cutting edge management education programs and providing opportunities for continuing education.


• To track excellence in education and research by burgeoning relevant curriculum, hired talented faculty, create conducive environment and develop infra structure to support quality education and research
• To produce graduates who possess high quality ability to contribute toward the development of society. The high quality ability combines both professional and humanistic competence.
• To educate and train future leaders and businessmen rather than produce graduates.
• To encourage students to break new grounds and cultivate leadership quality.
• To promote awareness and importance of both education and research in achieving a competitive status among other nations.
• To relate fundamental concepts to practical applications, and provide students with the necessary skills to function as responsible professionals.
• To utilize a variety of modern mechanisms to achieve the desired results within the preset time.
• To develop strong interpersonal and communication skills of its graduates.


AIHE aims to bestow upon its students various career building opportunities by imparting relevant education.  Students with the relevant education and degree will be placed for internship in challenging environment in order to prepare them for job.
In fulfilling the mission of AIHE cultivates in its students:
• A strong foundation of understanding, knowledge and skills,
• A research culture to be used in practical life and scenarios.
• An understanding of mutual respect for all ethnic and cultural groups,
• A sense of being responsible citizens of the society, and values of hard work and dedication.
• A sense to polish their attitude and behavior for better future outcomes.