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  • / AIHE Today, Events / — 2014 Jun 09


    On 31/May/2014 for the first time, the Alfalah Institute of Higher Education 

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  • / AIHE Today / — 2013 Dec 24

    University Students English

    2014  University Students English

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  • / AIHE Today / — 2013 Nov 01

    Students' handicrafts go on display in Alfalah

    Students' handicrafts go on display in Alfalah

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  • / AIHE Today / — 2013 Oct 07

    Handicraft one day Exhibition!

    Alflah Institute of Higher Education will open one day Handicraft Exhibition!

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Alfalah Institute of Higher Education (AIHE), which opened its doors in 2011 with an initial enrollment of 120 students, today enrolls more than 3000 full time students which is recognition of the efforts made by AIHE to build a standard infrastructure and to provide quality education opportunities to its students. It has proven itself as one of the prestigious institutes of higher education in Afghanistan in the field of Civil Engineering, Business management sciences, Journalism, sharia, law and political science. The institute is currently operating in Jalalabad and planning to establish quality education provision network throughout the country.

Alfalah Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) is well-equipped to provide standard business education and capacity building trainings to the students as well as public and private sectors’ workforce in a befitting manner. It has well-qualified and experienced foreign faculty available for its various regular classes and special training assignments. The faculty members are at least Master Degree holders from internationally recognized universities at least having a minimum of three years of teaching experience. Therefore, it has capability of conducting specialized trainings for local and foreign organizations in its main Campus and outside apart from the regular courses.

AIHE offers an excellent environment to management education aspirants in terms of faculty and infrastructure; and unmatched rewards in terms of learning, skill enhancement, peer interaction and career prospects. AIHE provides management education with innovative applied research, practice based and harnessing technology and best management practices to shape young brains. It endeavors to prepare them for a successful and ambitious career to embrace the fiercely competitive globalised business world. AIHE is surely educating and training the future leaders of Afghanistan, these are future business leaders, future parliamentarians, future ministers and may be future presidents.